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In 1986, it is a professional flour and oil factory in Qingdao. The registered capital of the company is 7 million US dollars, and the total investment is 12.99 million US dollars. Her four party shareholders are: Singapore Baiyou investment private limited company, accounting for 44.733%; Singapore Prima Co., Ltd., a pioneer in flour manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia, accounting for 8.267%; Associated British Foods Plc, one of the great food groups with a long history in Britain, accounting for 25% of the shares; and West Coast New Area Grain Reserve Store, accounting for 22%.

The company produces more than 100 kinds of flour, which are mainly supplied to joint venture or sole proprietorship food enterprises of Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Europe and the United States in China. It is used to produce dumplings, steamed buns, steamed bread, spring roll skin, flour wrapped, shrimp sticks, biscuits, bread and other flour products, and exported to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world. 

The main varieties of flour produced by the company include: thin flour, strong flour, medium strength flour, dumpling powder, bread flour, biscuit powder, etc. The main flour varieties specially developed and produced for a food factory are: spring roll skin powder, Wudong flour, shrimp strip powder, wrapped flour,  Xiaolong soup powder, etc. According to the requirements of customers in food factories, the company can develop special flour according to the characteristics of its products, and keep the commercial secrets of this flour formula for the customers.

The company adopts a complete set of milling equipment of Swiss Buler company, grinding 420 tons of wheat per day. Its advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, production process and management widely used computer control, representing the world's first-class pulverizing level. The company has imported advanced equipment laboratory, equipped with a set of sophisticated laboratory equipment designated by the international cereal chemistry Association (ICC). Advanced quality control and testing equipment for the production of high-quality flour to provide a guarantee.

 The company passes ISO9001 quality management system certification; ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

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